Word Match

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Project: Word Match

Date: 10-14-2010

Implementation Language: PHP, MySQL, & GWT

Description: Match words to definitions in this web game that will help you test your vocabulary!

Files: Link to the game

How to play:

The game functions like a set of flash cards. You can be given either the word or the definition, and you are to match the definition or word respectively. You can increase the number of false answers the game will give you in order to reduce your chances of guessing the correct answer. The best part is that these words are used on the GRE, so if you can keep a high score you will probably do well on the test!

Click here to start!

How it works:

The server side portion of this project is very simple. The database of words & definitions was generated (by me) for another project a few months earlier. It was just a matter of converting the database to MySQL. PHP then randomly grabs words from the database, and finally randomly chooses the entry that will be the "correct" answer. The final step is to output the results in JSON, so that the GUI can grab the data when requested.

I wrote the GUI as a project to introduce myself to GWT. With the toolkit, you can write your client side code basically in Java, then compile it into Javascript. Since writing GUIs in Java is so easy, it made designing a decent looking web interface easy as well.

Basically, buttons in this project either ask the script mentioned above for a new set of words, or it checks to see if the user clicked the right answer. The rest of the client side code is just for layout and presentation. I could have done all of this by hand in Javascript. GWT just compressed the amount of work that would have been done into a familiar area. I will definitely use GWT again for contained projects.