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Server Side Caching


Jun 6, '11

As I was writing the code for this website, I knew I would eventually want to try to implement a caching system. The "separate" pages are generated using only a couple templated themes, with the majority of the content coming from a MySQL database. That means every time someone loads a page, a PHP script asks my database which templates to load, as well as all of the text and urls for pictures or files. A caching system could potentially allow me to cut up to half of the processing time of generating any given page. My image watermarking protocol would only have to generate new versions of images if I update the actual image, instead of every time a user requests to see it. Faster content generation on the server would mean that as my site grows, I am able to offer more features without slowing down the pages.


How to Make Pizza!


May 29, '11

Pizza = Good. Everyone has a good idea of how they would make their favorite food if they had the desire to try. The great thing about pizza is that you can try different things, and it will almost always come out tasty. The best way to start is to go around the internet mixing and matching different recipes until you come to something you would like to try. This article will allow me to organize my experiments. As I get closer to cheesy perfection, I will update the recipes and pictures to reflect my progress! The recipe below will make two 16" thin-crust pizzas. Learn how to have fun and make your own!


Word Match


Oct 14, '10

Match words to definitions in this web game that will help you test your vocabulary!

How to play:
The game functions like a set of flash cards. You can be given either the word or the definition, and you are to match the definition or word respectively. You can increase the number of false answers the game will give you in order to reduce your chances of guessing the correct answer. The best part is that these words are used on the GRE, so if you can keep a high score you will probably do well on the test!

Click here to go straight to the game, or click read more below to read the accompanying information.


Needleman-Wunsch Sequence Alignment


Mar 22, '09

The Needleman-Wunsch Sequence Alignment algorithm uses a dynamic programming technique to attempt to align two genetic sequences. Scores are given for different combinations of DNA bases, with lower scores for better combinations. In order to align two sequences, sometimes a gap must be placed in one of the sequences, which results in a worse score.


Rover: A Rule-Based Expert


Feb 25, '09

The program was built as an exercise when learning about rule based expert AI systems. The goal is to move the rover from its starting point to some destination, while avoiding obstacles.